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Join tens of thousands of creators,
bloggers and publishers who are
earning with the Amazon Associates


Share millions of products with your
audience using our customized linking tools
created for bloggers and social media


Earn up to 9% in affiliate commissions
from 3 qualifying purchases within 180
days. Check out the FAQ for more

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If you’re a passionate content creator, product reviewer or blogger who like to refer your audience to products on Amazon,
you may be the right fit! First, let’s check if you meet the qualifying criteria to join the Amazon Associate Program by site:

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Understanding the Operating Agreement and Program Policies is essential to your success.
Below are some useful tips to prevent closure of your Associate account:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Amazon Associates Program?

The Amazon Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With millions of products and programs available on Amazon, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

2. How do I know if I am qualified to join the Amazon Associate Program?

If you are passionate content creator or blogger who like to refer your audience to products on Amazon, you may be the right profile to join the Amazon Associate Program! Please see the profile requirements based on your traffic source below:

• Social Platforms: We currently accept Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitch.tv. When signing up, you must clearly list your social media page’s exact URL (do not list the generic social network URL only: e.g. ‘instagram.com’.) Your social network page must be established, with at least 500 followers/ subscribers. It must also be publicly available (for example, no closed or hidden group pages).

• Website: You must own your website/blog, and it must have robust original content, even when advertising is removed. Content on your website needs to be recent, generally within the last 60 days. They must be publicly available. For example, they should not be a closed group, or behind a paywall.

We check all of the list of sites that you’ve provided to ensure that they meet our customer experience bar. So, when signing up for the program, please insert your URLs carefully with your most up-to-date list of sites to ensure we review the right traffic sources, as applications will be rejected if they do not meet these standards. Unfortunately, we aren't able to reassess an application once it's been rejected. Learn more about the application review process

3. When do I start earning my commissions?

After you have completed signing up, you can start earning your commissions immediately by adding your tracking links. To get your account approved and opened officially, you need to drive 3 successful qualifying sales within the first 180 days. Once your 3 qualifying sales are reviewed and approved successfully, you will receive an approval email. It is important to note that personal orders do not qualify and can be flagged as a violation, in which can delay the review and approval process.

4. What are the commission rates?

There are two types of commission income that you can earn:

(1) The first type of commission is the Amazon Associate Program Standard Commissions, which is earned by qualifying sales of products. The commission rate ranges from 2% to 9% and differs by product categories. View the commission rates by category

(2) The second type of commission is the Bounty Events and Special Program Commissions, which is based on an event activity or program we run from time to time. This offer an opportunity for you to earn additional or alternative commissions. Learn more about the Bounty Events and Special Program Commissions.

5. Is it easy to create tracking links? What is the easy link-building tools?

The key benefit of the Amazon Associates Program is the ease of creating your tracking links. The great news is that you don't need to be a web master or developer to take advantage of our tools. All you need to do is simply cut-and-paste in order to link to the desired products, popular categories, favorites, best sellers, search-results pages, and banners – there are millions of options! You can effortlessly create your tracking links based on your convenience, using the two most common tools:

(1) Mobile GetLink: This tool is a time-saving solution that enables you to quickly recommend products on-the go. New content that includes shopping links helps keep your audience engaged while boosting your earnings opportunities. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to use Mobile GetLink.

(2) SiteStripe: The quickest and easiest way to link to any page on Amazon is to use your Associates SiteStripe when you’re on your desktop. The SiteStripe will appear at the top of every page you visit on Amazon if you are logged in to Amazon using your same Amazon account as you use for Associates. To build a link to a page with the SiteStripe, simply go to the page you want on Amazon and click the 'Link to this Page' button on the SiteStripe. Watch this video to learn how simple it is to use SiteStripe.

6. How can I track my commission and performance?

You can track your commissions and performance in the Reports Center. We provide easy-to-read reports that contain extensive data about the performance of your links to empower you to optimize your performance in the program. This information includes details on your traffic, earnings, conversion rates, and link types. Our near real-time reports ensure that you have the information you need to maximize the earning potential of your site.

Key features include:
• Enhanced graphical interface for ease of use and understanding key information.
• Near real-time reporting for orders to help optimize campaign performance and conversion throughout the day.
• Earnings breakdown by program – see earnings from advertising commissions at a glance in the Summary tab and see further details in the Commissions tabs.
• Downloadable reports that allow you to organize and explore your data as you like.

7. What are the most common program violations I need to look out for to avoid closure of my account?

Understanding the Operating Agreement and Program Policies is essential to your success. We want you to know how to smoothly navigate to prevent violation warnings, as unresolved violations may result in the closure of your Associates account.

Here are some useful tips based on the most common violations:
• Tip #1 Disclose your relationship with Amazon when sharing your links
• Tip #2 Familiarize yourself with the Amazon Trademark Guidelines as this is essential to follow
• Tip #3 Keep your Associate account up-to-date to receive program information, sales events and promotions and exciting ways to earn more

Watch this video to learn more about the Operating Agreement and Program Policies

8. How do I contact Amazon Associates for questions?

Connect with us here if you have any questions or encounter any issues.